Laura & Andrew

June 24, 2016

As soon as I met this  beautiful couple I knew this would be a wedding to remember! Cripps Barn is a fabulous location in the heart of the Cotswolds, full of light surrounded by wonderful countryside. From the outset they were all about fun, which was totally contagious and really plays out in the photos. The children were brilliant too, running all over the place, dressing up and causing all sorts of trouble! What an amazing day.Laura & Andrew B&W-22 Laura & Andrew-36 Laura & Andrew-31 Laura & Andrew-20 Laura & Andrew-19 Laura & Andrew-17 Laura & Andrew-10 Laura & Andrew B&W-47 Laura & Andrew B&W-39 Laura & Andrew B&W-31 Laura & Andrew B&W-28 Laura & Andrew B&W-25