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Lucy & Nick

September 23, 2016

I spent today photographing Lucy and Nick’s wedding at the wonderful Elmore Court. It has been a beautiful summer’s day in the Cotswolds and these two were just a lovely couple. The atmosphere throughout the day was of great fun and they surrounded themselves with a brilliant bunch of people who added to the pure joy of the day. I think all that comes across in the photos!

lucy-nick-86-of-86 lucy-nick-80-of-86 lucy-nick-74-of-86-2 lucy-nick-73-of-86-2 lucy-nick-69-of-86 lucy-nick-68-of-86 lucy-nick-64-of-86 lucy-nick-62-of-86 lucy-nick-60-of-86 lucy-nick-57-of-86 lucy-nick-54-of-86 lucy-nick-53-of-86 lucy-nick-51-of-86-2 lucy-nick-50-of-86-2 lucy-nick-49-of-86 lucy-nick-48-of-86-2 lucy-nick-47-of-86-2 lucy-nick-45-of-86 lucy-nick-45-of-86-2 lucy-nick-40-of-86 lucy-nick-39-of-86-2 lucy-nick-35-of-86 lucy-nick-29-of-86 lucy-nick-28-of-86 lucy-nick-27-of-86-2 lucy-nick-26-of-86 lucy-nick-25-of-86-2 lucy-nick-23-of-86 lucy-nick-21-of-86 lucy-nick-21-of-86-2 lucy-nick-20-of-86 lucy-nick-16-of-86-2 lucy-nick-15-of-86-2 lucy-nick-13-of-86 lucy-nick-12-of-86 lucy-nick-10-of-86 lucy-nick-4-of-86 lucy-nick-2-of-86