Urban model street photography

Urban Photo Shoot in Bristol

April 22, 2017

I spent an awesome Easter bank holiday afternoon with the wonderful Andy Jones in Bristol last weekend taking some shots for his portfolio. He was keen to get some more ‘edgy’, urban work and Bristol was the perfect place to find locations which delivered exactly that. To be honest we were spoilt for choice as every road we walked down seemed to present new opportunities. I was really pleased with the range of images we captured, and it is a tribute to Andy’s skills that we were able to make some of the ideas work as well as they have. To my delight we managed to find some really interesting opportunities with colour (the card shop and the slightly knackered moped which happened to match his gear for example), whilst the natural ‘iron and stone’ backdrop of Bristol provided some great black and white photography potential, adding to the contrast which became a theme of the shoot. Andy was great to work with: he was full of creative ideas and really chilled, which made for a really enjoyable and effective afternoon. The fact it was a bank holiday made for some unique opportunities around Bristol, like St Nicks markets being almost deserted and the streets being lively but somehow not as ‘busy’ as normal. There was just a really relaxed vibe about the whole day, which was perfect. We hit Clifton, the town centre, the markets and the docks… and may have stopped for a coffee or two on route and finished with a very civilised pint in a cool pub in Clifton. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day and I can’t wait to do more work with Andy – a thoroughly good guy.