Baby bump

Heather and James

April 9, 2018

Heather and James asked me to do a ‘baby bump shoot’ for them a couple of weeks ago. Having never done a baby shoot before I wasn’t quite sure what kind of look they wanted, so I was very pleased when Heather sent me some great baby Pinterest boards she had put together to show the kind of shots they had in mind. We quickly got to work with some shots in their garden before moving indoors. And of course their dog was an essential part of the images and, with a bit of coercion with treats, she was very well behaved and posed beautifully for many of the shots, looking at the baby bump as if she knew what this was about. I was pleased to be able to play with a few silhouette shots in this set too, which came out really nicely thanks to James’ innovative screening! I really enjoyed getting the tones right in the post processing work for many of these images, particularly some of the more challenging silhouettes where light was pretty low anyway. Heather and James were great at suggesting images and so we were able to be spontaneous and work with the framing, light and serendipitous shots that presented themselves. As these shots ‘mature’ with me I am particularly liking the silhouette image of Heather (the baby) and their dog. The black staircase provides a lovely analogy of the shape the two of them cast and creates some wonderful negative space, and the graininess of the white curtain gives the image some real character. Heather and James were very natural with each other and in front of the camera, which really comes across in the shots, which have a beautiful, natural feel to them. I’m looking forward to many more baby shoots to come!