I have always had a passion for photography. A hobby which has provided me with a beautiful record of my experiences. I decided I wanted to make photography a bigger part of my life and knew that wedding photography was primarily how I wanted to do that.

Inspired in no small part by the photographs of my own wedding taken by the brilliant James Fear of Fear Photography.  I got in touch with James to ask if he would be willing to give me a couple of tips and was blown away by his offer to let me shadow him at any number of weddings over the coming months.

Needless to say, I took James up on his amazing offer and learned so much from him I can never thank him enough. Gaining a huge amount of invaluable experience and understanding not only of how to take technically great photographs (the easy bit) but way more importantly, how to help people to be at their best (and even enjoy being!) in front of the camera.

So what can you expect from me when you use one of my wedding photography packages? I think there are a few defining things. Firstly I believe that people and memories are at their best when they are most natural and authentic. I’ll never ask your guests to pose (although some will want to and that’s fine!).

I’ll aim to tell the story of your day through your photographs, capturing the main events as well as the smaller details which you might not have the time to notice yourselves on the day. I’ll blend into the background as much as possible, but I have the ability to organise large numbers of people if there’s a need to do so for group shots.

Whether you decide to take up one of my wedding photography packages or not, I hope you have an amazing day and wish you the very very best for your lives together.